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The Black Collection

Courage For Gord Foundation is honoured to be collaborating with Izzy Camilleri, Karyn Ruiz and Jeff Churchill.



Izzy Camilleri

As one of Canada’s leading innovative and celebrated fashion designers, Izzy Camilleri has made a name for herself designing clothing for national and international clients for over 32 years. Izzy has built a reputation by creating pieces that are provocative yet refined, sophisticated and always wearable. Her designs have been featured in publications from Italian Vogue, to Instyle and the highly influential fashionista.com, and worn by A–Listers such as Angelina Jolie, Mark Walberg, Meryl Streep and David Bowie.

Numerous artists have worn incredible Izzy Camilleri custom designs on the stage, but none more iconic than the metallic suits worn by Gord Downie during the historic Man Machine Poem Tour in 2016. Izzy is based in Toronto and continues to create pieces that provoke thought and push boundaries. For more on Izzy, check out her website here.

Karyn Ruiz

Karyn Ruiz is the designer behind Lilliput Hats, a 28 year old traditional millinery company based in Little Italy, Toronto. Lilliput Hats is the go-to shop for classic, elegant and over-the-top headwear.

She created the now iconic hats for Gord Downie that we wore on the recent Man Machine Poem Tour as well as for Secret Path, and continues to create exclusive designs for him.

Lilliput Hats are designed and created in her College Street atelier and you will find her collections on First Nations Chief, Perry Bellegarde, Celine Dion, Lana Del Rey, former Lieutenant Governor Adrian Clarkson, as well as several film and television productions. For more on Lilliput Hats, check out Karyn's website here.


Jeff Churchill 

Jeff Churchill is a Toronto-based shoemaker for film, television and theatre.  Jeff started his company Jitterbug Boy - a purveyor of high-quality, custom made boots and shoes for the arts twelve years go. His shoes can been seen on stage and screen worldwide.

Together with his crew of 15, Jeff supplies custom-made footwear for productions all across the globe. For more on Jitterbug Boy, check out Jeff's website here.

The Black Collection

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